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What is the Huntsman Heroes Training Program?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, our running and cycling training programs will help you take on a variety of endurance challenges. Team members commit to fundraising a minimum of $250 for Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) to receive exclusive access to the training program, including top-notch coaching and Saturday runs and rides with the team. Our coaches create training schedules and map out weekly training routes to make sure you and your teammates are confident and ready for event day.

Team training takes place in metro Salt Lake City, but coaches can also provide tips and programs for participants who live elsewhere. You don’t need to attend team training to be a Huntsman Hero, but we’d love to see you there!

When you sign up for an event through Huntsman Cancer Foundation, you will begin receiving weekly training emails with advice from our coaches, details about upcoming training routes, fundraising and training tips, and inspiring updates about the important work being done at HCI. 

Training Details


Huntsman Heroes Saturday training runs begin in early November and go through May. The training program is structured to prepare athletes of all distances for our partner events—Salt Lake City Marathon in April and Ogden Marathon in May. Whether your goal is to take on a 5K with friends or run your first full marathon, our team can get you there! 

Our coaches map out and mark the training runs, and as the distances get longer, we have aid stations staffed by smiling volunteers. We are all about enjoying the race, getting to the end healthy and strong, and making a difference.

Running training is open to everyone through December, registered or not! Join us for your first time or bring a friend to train and learn how the team is making a difference for HCI. Once training runs hit double digits (10 miles or more), the training program will only be open to registered and fundraising participants. 


Huntsman Heroes cycling season begins in April (weather depending) and runs through Huntsman SportsFest, our signature event in June. The program is structured to bring cyclists of all experience levels together to prepare for Huntsman SportsFest and the women-only ride Little Red, as well as to kick-start training for LoToJa in September. Although our formal training program doesn't continue through the summer, LoToJa cyclists are encouraged to join us! Come together to train, make friends, ask questions, and prepare for your event with your talented coaches and teammates! 

Our coaches map out training routes, including shorter and longer options. As training rides get longer, we have aid stations and SAG support along the way. Our team is ideal for cyclists of all levels; whether you're a seasoned rider or a newbie, there is a place for you in Huntsman Heroes. 

Cycling training is open to everyone through Saturday, May 6, 2023, registered or not! Cyclists are welcome to come and try the program out, meet the team, and be part of the magic! After May 6, cycling training will only be open to registered and fundraising participants. 

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