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In memory of our daughter (Kelsey Hastings Golitz), we've created this page to raise funds for sarcoma research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), and we hope you’ll consider joining the cause and making a donation.

Each year, nearly 70,000 adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer in United States (Critical Mass). Sarcoma Cancer which is more prevalent in children (15%) as opposed to adults (1%) is one of the most aggressive cancers, starting in the bones or soft tissue and spreading quickly to the lungs if the tumor is not contained and reduced. Treatments include at least 8 months of chemotherapy (many of the chemo therapies have been used since the '70's), amputation and radiation.

Many of the most important breakthroughs in sarcoma cancer research and treatment, in particular with Ewings sarcoma, were developed at HCI, and none of that progress would have been possible without support from people like you and me. HCI researchers have designed a drug (LDS1), a factor that promotes EWS/FLI activity. Treatment with this drug increased tumor suppressor gene activity, decreased activity of genes involved in cell division and cell growth, and restored normal cell shape in cultured Ewing sarcoma cells. This drug will soon be tested in clinical trials.

Please join us as we support this exciting new research!

"Some might think that losing my hair again was the worst part of being re-diagnosed, but for me the worst part is being afraid that I am going to miss out on something either in going out with my friends, getting a promotion at work or going on a fun vacation." Kelsey Hastings Golitz, Ewings Sarcoma Fighter until her passing in August of 2014

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